Friday, December 28, 2007

For my boss...

Ever since the news of my boss being promoted got spread out, i've heard so many complains about him.

They badmouth him, curse him and now, even his boss doubts him.

I don't see any problem with him? Why are they speaking ill of him when he is rather harmless?

Yes i know he always like to order people around, write naggy emails and appear to be irritating at times, but from my perspective, he is not in the wrong at all; only the method used is wrong?

If he doesn't push for things and his colleagues doesn't take action, who is going to take the blame for job not being done??

If he doesn't write naggy emails, doesn't explain things in details, how would we understand his intention and direction, how should we proceed??

Yes he is irritating, aggressive and boostful, but output that comes out from him is always 99% perfect; how should we judge this???

They have no idea how hard my boss work for this promotion... and he really prove himself to be that capable.

My boss trust them alot, but who knows... they are not appreciative and don't even intend to congralute him.

I'm really upset upon hearing all this; it's getting really disturbing!!! ARGH

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