Tuesday, December 25, 2007


It's been a really long while since i last blog. Too lazy plus there's nothing more interesting to blog than THE CHRISTMAS PARTIES!!!

I had a total of 4 christmas celebrations, and all of them are of damn meaningful to me :)

The first celebration falls on 2oth dec, a special and first x'mas for little hazel aka girl girl.

The moody girl: Just woke up from her sleep; thats why!

Our dinner: Alot of good food like salmon, cold prawns, calamari and of course the potato salad i made with my cuz!! haaaaa


Me and my cuz got this for girl girl! Something that we always yearn to have when we're young; a private area of our own. =D

Another gift from my auntie to girl girl... too many gifts for her and i'm so lazy to take everyone of them. Wahaha.

Next celebration is our Creepykamx X'mas Night on the 22nd of dec, at Orchard Hotel.

Love this pic da most! My 'happy' family. :)

However, my 'xiao ma' joined in... haaa but still! We're happy!

Pressies i got for Peixin, hope she likes it! =D

Ah mic's presents to me! MASK MASK MASKKKKKKSSSSS!!!! Gotta put them on frequently!

Us infront of the Candy House; we sure had fun and of course... a very bloated stomach.

Third Celebration was held at Thai Accent, Vivo City on 23rd dec. I SIMPLY LOVE THAI FOOOOOOOD!!!

The four of us, as usual. Haaaa, hope we recruit some few members to this miserable small group of ours. Haaaa, remember to plan for our BKK trip next year! :)

Tom Yam Goong. Slurp~!

My favorite... GREEN CURRY!!! AHHHHH... nice!

Ah gin and ah fay busy eating. =)

Ah mel sitting right besides me!

My x'mas pressie from Ah fay. Thanksssss and i really really love it.

Ah mel with her pencil case and little pouch from ah gin.

Ah fay with her new earrings from ah mel :)

and poor ah gin with the pooh rubbish bin and mat from me, for x'mas. HEEE

Toast to our friendship, for x'mas, for everything!

Too bad we were too full to order any desserts! Ouh, was still hoping to taste the mango thingy with sticky rice. Erm, next time then. =)

The last celebration was a movie character or tv look alike party, held at Da jie's house on X'mas eve!

Left to right: Paris Hilton, Marilyn Monroe, Nana, Nicole Richie.

Marilyn and Nana but i don't know there's a flash dancer at the back! haaaaa!

Like the feeling of this pic: nana and nicole joining a international xmas party. Nicole is getting so high.

The dinner at Da-jie's house: Very Full! Yum Yum. =D

Group Photo: with xiao shizi!

Cheerios... test tubes baby! Why is michelle so happy???

The host: they really drank alot. haaaaa and i have to drink with them 'cause i was their adopted child for like 10 mins! Drinkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk and see how i look like after finishing all the test tubes.

I'm like going to fall asleep any min! HAAAA

Thanks to all of my friends who gave me the wonderful presents! Love ya all. Merry X'mas and have a wonderful New Year!!!


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