Monday, July 14, 2008

Phuket Trip

Back from Phuket...!

Ahhhh, trust me, the sun is freaking scorching over there; but guess what, I'm totally in love with that place! :)

I love the beach, i love the sand, i love my hotels, i love the locals ...

I'm so glad that we came Phuket... seriously!


Before i came to Phuket, i've read up forums to see which hotel has the most good review, and eventually we picked Banthai, which has rooms with balcony directly facing the pool.

We thought it would be a good idea.

Fuck. IT IS!!!!

Previously we've booked a twin room, but soon after, my manager confirmed that she will be going with us as well. However, we felt it would be okay if we just add an additional bed so we didn't call up Banthai and informed them about the change.

Upon reaching Banthai, we felt as though we are we were VIPs! They showed us to a waiting area which is simply comfy, and offered us bird nest drinks and cold towels.

Unfortunately, we were told that they do not have rooms for x3 pax; we were quite surprised actually; however, they arranged for us to move into Burasari Hotel for the first night and then Banthai for the second night.

At first we were not really happy 'cause Banthai looks really good... and we were reluctant to move into Burasari.

We were so wrong.


Okay i know the entrance looks odd. HAHAHA.

The room in Burasari is really spacious! I simply love the traditional thai feel in the room.



Wahahaha very generous leh.

After settling down, we took a walk on the beach and also meeting friendly locals that kept introducing us various activities we can do on the beach.

Which we eventually walked away. :)

You can't really see it, but the sun is freaking strong and feels like it's burning right onto your skin.

We stayed along Patong Beach. :)

We then went to this very small massage parlour for full body thai massage, wasn't very good... and i think she is trying to murder me 'cause she was using her full force to do the massaging!!

Soon after, we were so afraid of the sun that we decided to head back to the hotel to get some air condition.

Looks like your living room huh? Nope, it's just along the pathway from restaurant to our rooms.

A big sofa just placed right outside the lift.

Not long after, we were dressed up for dinner and also had chance to experience the sunset of Patong Beach.


Damn nice i tell ya... it's truly an experience.

The busy road of Patong.

Next we went to this open-air restaurant for authentic thai dinner, called Baan Laimai.

We didn't ordered a spread, but it was definitely enough for the 3 of us.

The food is deliciously good!

They have an area for bands to sing and entertain.

Your friend with an empty plate.

We ended the day with another massage parlour doing mani/ pedicure. I did manicure and i picked a color which is exactly the color of my company's logo! Hot Pink! =D

The Next Day!

The second day we went to some of the famous beaches around Phuket for some sightseeing: Phi Phi, Maya & Khai island!

In the car, ready to set off!

HOT HOT HOT. Almost chao-tah-ed.

Vvvvoom voom voom..... and we were in the middle of the sea. :)

Look at the water!

And we got up to the speedboat again, heading to another direction.

Very very very breathtaking!

There's this yellow light which is so-called a remembrance for Tsunami that happened 4 years ago.

While my colleague went down to the water alone for snorkeling, me and my manager stayed on the speedboat and began to feed the fishes with bread.

And we set off for the third, which is also the last station of the trip, Khai island.

Our speedboat no. 7.

Freaking relaxing lying on the bench... which needs to be paid of course lah. 150 Baht for 2 benches.

And time to say goodbye to Khai island.

We then proceed to Banthai for our second night of stay!

Take a closer look at the towel; it's the shape of an elephant. :)

Where's the TV? AHHHH... it's on top!

With my name on it. Whoa.

At the balcony; see the pool and angmohs?

Very very relax lah.

We decided to head for Italian food for dinner.

I had Carbonana with ...


equals to...

Yummy yummy. Heee.

After our dinner, we went around the streets of Patong, and we arrived to this very very "bangkok-style" or rather "suvkhumvit-style" of street...

with lotsa ladies-men.

Erm, sidetrack abit, I actually saw Benedict Goh at Patong as well! =D

Are you sure this is Phuket?

I could see one of the ladies-men with the nipples bulging out. Eeewww.

Well, we decided that it's still early for another round of massage, thus we went back to the place we did manicure previously... but no matter how i compare, i still prefer the massage parlour at the side of Amari Hotel. Simply good there.

This last pic would mark the end of our journey...


Heard from the ladies that we're planning for Bintan soon right?

I would seriously love to go! I'm hooked on beaches already...!

Hopefully i will have the chance to come back to Phuket and try their snorkeling since i didn't had the chance to do so...

I will be back okay! :))))

That's for now. Hehe... time for beddy bed bed.

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