Monday, July 07, 2008

Genting Trip - it's all about her

All about GIRL-GIRL!

Hmmm.. first pic featuring the not-so-happy her. Obviously waiting for food right.

In da hotel with a box of matchsticks on her hand. She keep saying "有火!"

Cuddling the little girl in between... again, she is not very entertained lah.

She really laughed BIG TIME!!

Still cannot get over that funny joke of hers.

Munching and munching and munching non-stop! This is what she did for 4 days, without rest.

I purposely ran all the way up to level 3 in order to take this pic; damn, my legs were trembling like mad!!

Being squeezed in the caterpillar ride. HAAA.

Look at her face; she is not very happy right?!? Accompanied by dearest ah-gong.

Trapped in a cage of the ferris wheel... heard from my mom that half way thru out the ride, she was already struggling to get down.

In conclusion, she don't like rides.

But she loves to eat! And only being in restaurants and seeing food makes her hyper!

Her best pal aka the teddy bear RUBBISH BIN. :)

Once again she took one of the rides before we called it a day, but still wasn't exactly happy... her funny face tells it all.

With Yee-gong & Ah-gong (who happens to wear the same kind of jacket); at Ah Yat for breakfast.

Last picture of the day; happy girl in her MOST favorite place. KFC! :)

She sure lead a very princessy life there, since all of them really entertain her every minute every second... i was entertaining her half of the time as well but it seems to irritate her more! She always ignore me... blaaah!

Thru-out the bus ride back Singapore, we did ask her if she prefer Genting or back home? Firstly she said she like Genting more, but i tried asking her again today, she mentioned she likes home better.

Haaaa, very contradicting isn't it.

Tried asking her a while later but seems that she refused to answer me again.


I thought being on vacation also meant that i've enough time to rest and re-charge before i go back to work/ reality... but it seems so not the case. Still feeling pretty tired, and the worse of all is that... i lost my mood for work.

Haaaaa... phuket, here i come.

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