Thursday, July 24, 2008

$$$$$$ (edited)

Sometimes life is really funny.

When you have the money, and you really wanted to get something good, you end up getting nothing and spend most of the money on food and things you couldn't even see at the end of the day.

When you are really out of cash, you don't want to get anything, yet there will be a strange voice calling out to you telling you, "HEY, AIRFARE IS ON SALE", "HEY, SOMEONE IS COMING FROM EUROPE", "HEY, YOU WANT LUXURY GOODS???!"

And i always always get tempted man!


I'm really broke and i've been squeezing money out from ???? in order to pay for all these "want" items instead of the "need" items. :(

Actually according to my plan i should have save up to a thousand by now, but sad to say my bank account is like almost NEGATIVE.

And now, i'm aiming for this...

Looks good huh!

I've always been thinking of getting a wristlet but yeah, of course it could be on KIV since i could actually use the money to pay for something important like school fees, insurance or whatsoever.

Maybe can consider to give it to my mom? Erm?! *grins widely*


YAYYYY tomorrow my new baby will be delivered to me personally! OMG I CAN'T WAIT!

One more item strike off from my wishlist. :)

OMG, my baby is missing in action.

Another 2 weeks i supposed? :(

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