Saturday, February 02, 2008

HK: Local Food & Disneyland

Time for some serious blogging for my trip to Hong Kong.

The weather in Hong Kong is really killing me... previously i thought it was only 16 - 17 degrees so i just brought my adidas and puma jacket thinking it can actually withstand the coldness. It's true, i was wearing really thin jackets in Europe and it was OK! =(

But little do i know that Hong Kong is actually experiencing their "Han Liu" and the degrees drop from 17 to ... 11!

I almost died every night in sleep 'cause it's always freaking cold when we're in the hotel. It's totally impossible to ask me to remove the coat unless i really want to bathe and Zzzzz.

I already wanted to go home on the first day!

Things started getting better when i'm distracted by their delicious food and the generous heater in their restaurants.

I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Food taste especially good there! I haven't try anything that taste rather bland or awful during that few days. So overall i'm quite a happy girl there. =)

Hong Kong Disneyland... doesn't really impress me; maybe because of the limited rides, and maybe it was like 99% raining all the time.

Outdoor shows and parade had to be cancelled due to the rain, and since everyone was trying to get shelter, they started queing for rides and everywhere started having long queues!!

We spent most of the time do shopping in their gift shops, eating at the River Jungle Restaurant and taking long boring tram to go around the whole Disneyland. Oh, maybe also queing to take photographs with the Disney characters.

Another thing which makes me PISS from arriving the hk gate till departing the gate is the XXXXX people there!!! Whoa goodness sake, they really really drives me crazy.

Firstly they're so uneducated! They knock into you yet they just push their way thru the crowd without apologizing. Secondly they're so kiasu! They skip queues for the rides and don't fuck care if you're glaring at them lor.

This could be the reason if i refuse to go HK the next time. Awww, now i think Macau is the same too. ARGH. We'll see.

Alrightly, i'll stop here first. Needa clean my super dusty room............

Yea, i know it's abit sudden. HAAAA

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