Friday, February 08, 2008

HK: Misfortunes

The encounters we met is really really hilarious.

As you know the weather is freaking cold and windy, both of us only wore a thin jacket without any long john! Without much choice, we had to visit those shops immediately to get a decent coat as we were planning to go up The Peak. Without the coats, we will probably die there.

We wore only like that!

And we became like this after experiencing their "Han Liu"...


The wind was like blowing directly into our bones!

I was forced to smile...

Totally crazy!

Things started to get a wee bit better with proper clothings but still, jokes carried on.

Disneyland is raining.

Mickey Mouse is being sheltered under an umbrella; something you'll never get to see in normal days?

Okay, how does it feel when you're in a ride and suddenly the whole thing stops and they announce that the system is jammed??

Yes, this was taken during the jam.

We were stuck in that "train" for a good 10 minutes; finally the staff came to rescue us one by one.

We then had to walk all the way to the exit by ourselves.


Alright, then the following day we planned to go up Lantau Island to see the Po Lin Buddha.

The temperature went down to 11 degrees, and it's really testing my patience.

After we alighted at Po Lin Temple, we couldn't figure out where is the temple because of the mist. We exchanged glances and decided to seek help from the mama shop at the back of the bus stop.

"Turn left and walk straight; it's just infront."

And it's really just infront but we couldn't see anything!!!!

Maybe this.

It's like a circle thingy with flags and i could see devotees praying at one direction, into the mist.

Then finally the statue of the Po Lin Buddha.

Thank you very much.

This is an example of what you will see in a clear day.

We figured our way back to the bus stop and hoping no bus will actually bang into us 'cause we can't see them unless they're like 3 metres ahead of us.

What's more to come??


We actually took the wrong train 2 times to 2 different directions...!!

Story starts when we came from the "Tung Chung" direction, and we planned to go Mongkok for some shopping. We're supposed to take the train to "Lai King" and go down to "Mongkok".

Who knows the ride was really comfy (maybe because it's really warm), and we actually missed the "Lai King" Stop and arrived at "Nam Cheong". We then took the train back to "Lai King" thinking that we're finally on the right track back but who knows...

After a good 15 minutes taking wrong train plus waiting time, we were FREAKING shock to know that we're arrived at the TERMINAL STOP, "Tsuen Wan"!!!!!!


We took another 20 minutes to go back to Mongkok.


We wasted around 30 minutes altogether.


There are still quite a number of funny things but it's too minor to mention. Anyway we still enjoyed the trip despite the weather and all these misfortune befalling on us. Haaaaa >.<"

Of course we hope we'll have a better trip next year!!!

HEE. Next stop, ... ????

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