Sunday, April 29, 2007

Europe Trip - Part 2

The Colosseo... Something i've been waiting to see in Rome! I used to spend time in library (when i was a librarian in yss) to read books about different countries and Colosseo is one of the building i remembered seeing, reading about in my good old days. =)

Happy qian! *grins*

The 5 of us, photo taken by a cleaner if i still remember clearly... But an angmoh cleaner ok! HAAAA.

A couple we saw by chance in Colosseo. I remembered someone telling me that the bride look as if she's getting married for the second time.. for what reason? Beats me.

The map that i've printed out in office. Excellent lazer printing!!! Well i had some of the places of interest in red tag so we know where to go and how to walk. Thanks to Shu!!

Fountain Di Trrrrrreviiii.

This shot was right after we've threw our coins! EH i threw EUR1.00 leh, sure to go back again. =)

Someone playing music with the crystal glasses on the streets. Spot that guy on her left, i think he's too engross to notice that his mouth was open...

Then here comes the Pantheon! A sarced place for the followers which only allow silence in the building. Shhhhhh...

A random pic on the streets in Rome.

The status which is leading our way to Trevi and Pantheon; the man-maid. *wink

Soon after we went back to our hotel for resting, we set off to VENICE!! The water city...!

A nice place to be in definitely!

GELATIIIIIII! I just can't resist it especially at the sight of CARAMEL, NUTELLA, TIRAMISU, etc etc etc. Ouh missed it totally!

The royal family getting ready for their flag rising in the morning.

And the pigeons...!! Really fat ones.

Anna and her husband having fun feeding the pigeons while me, helping them with the shots.

The same spot where James Bond appeared running in Casino Royal. St Marco Square.

Next on some random pics taken in Venice.

Then... lunch time!

We visited an Italian Restaurant at a corner of the streets.

My spag with clams. Erm, sad to say.. it's not exactly nice.

Anna's husband with his squid spag. Have to say it looks a little awful but i think he finished it all. HAAAA. Look at the colors! *puke*

Anna's yummy lazagna! It taste so much like the dumpings we've in Singapore. Makes me wanna cry for a little while. Argh, miss home!

Hotel sweet hotel!

Everything (including Cupboard, Beds, Chairs, flooring, etc etc) looks chio ok. It definitely worth the money but due to some problems we had to leave a day earlier. =(

Haiz, time to leave this water city! Hate to say goodbye.......

Coming up next... St. Moritz of Switzerland! Pictures with piles of snow and the skiing process. Not to be missed!

But... not now! 'Cause it's time for bed again. =)


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