Thursday, April 26, 2007

Europe Trip - Part 1

Ouh! Finally back...!

Some parts of me yearn to be back, whereas some still miss the weather and the slow pace of their lifes there...

Anyhow! There comes the pictures me and my colleagues have gathered for your viewing purpose. =)

Here we go.

At BKK for the 2 hours transit; a photo along the way.

On da plane! Getting ready for the terrible 12 hours flight. Hehe.

The 12 hours flight almost killed me! Couldn't really sleep well and my neck was pain like hell. Argh, anyway i reached Munich at around 7.30 - 8pm, sky was still pretty bright which is kinda funny to me. Haaaaaa.

The next day!

The scenery outside my hotel. One word, peacefullllll. :)

But the hotel room...

Everything was kinda small and cramped to me. But since it's free lodging, erm i don't mind actually. Haaaaa...

Then i went back to my Company's HQ for some early visits...!

Rasco! The color of pink we've on the logo is named Rasco Pink or magenta in layman terms. Haaaaa.

Bye Munich, cya in a week. :)

Then... we took a flight to Rome!

On the train from Rome Airport to Termini Station, really exhausted man! Guess you can see how tired i am. =) No make-up!

Had a 30 mins walk from Termini Station to my hotel, well it wasn't too far actually but we kept walking to and fro 'cause the map provided was rather confusing. =(

The scenery outside our hotel room.

We three, getting all ready to move our butt to Vatican! Weeeeee!

The Vatican City...!

We can see Vatican already...!! T.T

Getting really bored after queueing for such long time. Took us 2hrs 30 mins in total! Goodness...! *faints*

And then finally... we got in. =d

Inside the Museum of Vatican! Ouh we are just so vain. =D

Very boring arh... hahaaa. And we ended our Vatican Trip at around late afternoon, then we move on the Piazza de Spagna for... LV! =)

Piazza de Spagna...!


HAAAAAA half is mine, half is not lah! (Got to split into another half again 'cause some of them belongs to mic and claire)

So then we went back to Hotel 'cause the LV boxes are rather bulky! HEHE.

Our Dinner; or rather theirs! Well I didn't eat them 'cause i was reading my e-mails before this meal and one of the many emails ruin my appetite, therefore i missed it! GAH~!

Okay, need to stop here a little while 'cause i'm almost dozing off while typing this. Haaaa, will continue again, i guess.. soon?


Till then...! *jumps onto bed*

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