Sunday, May 13, 2007

Europe Trip - Part 3

Next on... St. Moritz of Switzerland.

Can you see it?? So near yet so far huh...

Now you see it. Damn... Gorgeous!!

And finally we reached there! Ouh the trip there was damn tiring... almost a good 8 hours ride with 3 to 4 transits. *Half dead*

Both me and Anna at the "garden" of the apartment, with scarf and almost anything that can keep us warm!

The left view of the "garden".

After that we went for dinner at one restaurant just around the corner.

Cheese fondue!

Yummy yum.

Next day! Beautiful scenery of St. Mortiz.

It's freezinggggggg.

Us challenging Ski!!

Woopx, almost fell.

Our lunch @ the top of the mountain.

Bratwurst with Rosti. It's excellent! Super!

A for Apes, B for Bears, C for Cat and D for Donkey! HEHE

See-sawing at the garden of our apartment. The background is GREAT.

Then... back to Munich! :)

On the bus with my colleagues... hilarious 'coz all of them are trying to imitate my pose! HAAAA with the twist and everything.

With Doreen.

EH, watch out of my bike! =d

Then we went to the chiemsee's palace in Munich.

Almost half of the whole palace is not completed... what a waste!

The Winning Team!

Our 10th year dinner in Roseheim.

My beloved CEO.

Appeitzer of the day.

Beef with yam, exotic enough huh.

10 year anniversary of Rasco.


Me and Anna at the dinner.

Spontini if i'm not wrong. CHIO.

The asia administrator team.

Singapore Team with our German colleague.

My German colleague's house with a total of 8 hectares. =.= he say he's going to be a millionaire if he were to sell it away! =D

The fire really kept us warm! T.T

And the last day in Munich...

This photo marked the last picture we had in Munich. Exhausted but i hope the next one comes really soon! Haaaaaa.

It's a different experience altogether and i think everyone shud at least go there once. =)

Now i'm waiting for my taiwan trip..... *grins*

And yeah i lost my wallet, think it drop off somewhere at the yishun interchange. Haiz, i don't wanna explain anymore but what's gone is already gone and i just hope tt there's still some kind soul who will return my ic back to me. Period.


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