Saturday, March 10, 2007

Time Management. GO TO HELL.

My boss reprimanded me the other day, saying he wasn't very happy with my performance now. He asked me to prepare a project report to him every week because he wants to check what i'm tied with. He put it so nicely saying that he wanted to defend me 'cause i'm handling too much of "Urgent but NOT important" work from others.

Fucking piece of shit.

Yes i know my standard is dropping but that's because i have more work to handle now. I have no choice either; i have my boss giving me work, my boss' boss giving me work and of course my boss' boss' boss. Imagine i have how many projects to handle every week?

Some time last year he called me on my office no. and asked if i were busy, and if so busy with? I told him i'm super busy right now with my VP's presentation and it's also sort of hinting him that he shouldn't add up my work load. After hearing that he wasn't too happy; it was then when he became mentally unsound.

Last week during our training in office, we had a chance whereby the both of us sit together, away from the crowd doing some silly quotations.

There comes his chance of "lecturing" me.

He asked me in SUPER sarcastic tone, "Val, who are you reporting right now?"

'Huh?' was my first reaction. Obviously he is the one, i mean why ask?? Then he continued by saying that he used to feel that he is my boss, now he said we're more like colleagues.

I didn't bother to answer anyway.

So this Tuesday it was raining very heavily, my boss offered to send me back home along with the other colleagues. Seriously i know once he dropped the others he is going to start singing to me again.

But i still went ahead.

Just like what i've guessed, he purposely dropped the two of them (tho one lives near him) and finally gotten the chance to reprimand me again. This time he is not smiling anymore, and he said he got some serious matter that he wanted to let me know.

Firstly, he said our company exhibition is in May, but alot of things i've yet to settle and discuss with him. For the example finding 5 exhibitors, 3 suppliers for corporate gifts, 3 suppliers for the exhibition attire, 3 agencies for models, 5 restaurants for the dinner....

For exhibitors i can understand, we might need to see 5 - 6 proposals before we can decide on which to choose from. But for the corporate gifts and attire, we already have our own suppliers and we've been always ordering it from them. I mean why, why do we have to go look for some others if we're comfortable working with them?

You know what he said? He said that so if last year he has made some mistake, now am i trying to follow his footsteps to make the same mistake??

I told him right in his face that i do not have to time to surf the net to look for all these informations. Even if so, after 10 minutes of surfing, more emails would have came in and i have to do other things again. Can we just stick to our main supplier for the corporate gifts and attire? Others i can try to get them soon.

He cut in and said, "Val, i think you've problem with time management. I'm giving you so many information on how to make this exhibition a success but you seem to be not so driven. Yes you have things to do, but they are all urgent but not important. I wanted to defend you as well! From now you must give me a project report every week to indicate what you've been doing. If it's necessary, i will come back office every monday and friday to discuss your work with you."

HEY FUCK OFF LAH, their things are not important, do you think your exhibition is very important??? Exhibitions is more important than payments, more important than sales, more important than your precious 2 million EUR worth PO from Customers???

We are just exhibiting our machines, not our booth or creativity ok! You look at other exhibiting companies, their booth is clean cut, white and spacious, why do you want to create a theme of dunno what stupid farm and spring??

You think i'm a working as a project executive huh? I'm busy with so many things, you think i have time like you to surf the net and look for informations?? Only if i have no work on hand then i can plan this exhibition very well but hey, look at me. I DON'T EVEN HAVE TIME TO EAT BREAKFAST SOMETIMES, you think i have time to search for your silly exhibiting information???

We had our exhibitor who is working with us since the start of our company, showing us the theme they've thought for us. Boss was agreeable at first; but after when she presented it to us he was soooooo not happy with it. He suddenly wanted a completely different theme which i think has definitely been made a laughing stock. He wanted light green and light yellow booth, brown sofa, carpet with patches of green to show the Spring kinda feeling.

Feel your head.

... and he told the lady, "Definitely we are interested to work with you and i believe this year we will still work together."

I think her design is nice tho it's somehow similar from last year (same color theme); yes but it still can be used and the 'wow' factor will still be there i believe. Ok if really you are not agreeable i can understand, but do you have to engage 5 of them when you've already decided to use her???

It's just wasting my time because i was the one interviewing them and not him!

Bloody hell, he then continued that his boss wanted him to develop new leads but he is still stuck with one of our biggest customer. He said, "He ask me to pass this account to you but it's impossible right! That's why i have no time to find new leads."

Now i think he has no time management. He must be able to multi-task otherwise i shud be getting his pay right! Hello i'm also multi-tasking here okkkkkkk.

He really made me super fed up and i asked him to drop me at somewhere to end the stupid conversation. Oh yah there wasn't any conversation 'cause i didn't even speak; he was doing his speech all along.

#$^$&^%$&$^$ GO TO HELL.

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