Sunday, March 25, 2007

Night Safari

Went to Night Safari today!

... It was almost like the last time i went (with creepykamx grp), everything was in pitch dark and seriously i didn't managed to spot most of the animals!

I have my sis telling me to look at the Malayan Flying Fox but i could only see the leaves and log, no fox! Where?? Tell me where!


After straining my eyes in the dark for such long time i began to feel dizzy and headache began to attack me. Felt even worse after the tram ride; it was like i'm going to puke any moment. Ouh it's really not worth it isn't it? The only clearest animals i've seen must be the fishes in the tank. The rest are all.. argh. =.=

Okay i know it's supposed to be the NIGHT safari. =) Maybe it's also because i can't really see in the dark; i dunno... but it seems so. =(

Another thing is the animal show; they have this "queue" leading to the theatre but everyone was like queuing everywhere and with the kinda warm weather, it's really like nature sauna. Think i must have sweat away 3kg for that 10, 15mins! And yeah there was totally no system for that queuing thingy, no one has any idea where to queue , when the queue starts or end... blah blah blah.

Well the show was ok... with some cute animals doing hilarious actions, but whole show only last for 20mins. =(

Anyway i realise most of the Tram guides speaks good english! I also can't help but to wonder how much they are paid for memorizing all the animals name, breed and diet. This is totally crazy... they seems like they know all of their names, their behavior, etc...! haaaaaa. *applause*

Really take my hats off to them.

Maybe i shud work in Night Safari huh? Not the tram guides obviously but maybe some others... (Okay, better drop the idea 'cause all of the positions need people with good command of english. Ewwww. Even the animal keeper...!)

Erm no more paramedics, no more animal keeper. Duh, what can i do!

p/s: i love the giraffes!

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