Friday, September 08, 2006


It's been a long while since i last blogged. Was busy, too busy and nothing to blog as well.

Photos of Girl-girl will be posted soon, together with her one month old celebration which is held tomorrow and the day after.

Yucks, feeling damn lousy right now.

I'm going to get tekan by my boss soon. Every e-mail that comes in make my heart skip a beat. Please don't let it be my boss, please don't let it be my boss...


Damn lah, i made a stupid mistake and now i do feel like pinching myself real hard. It's not just a stupid mistake but a stupid GRAVE mistake. Gosh.

This issue is really spoiling my day, especially on a Friday evening. Tell me, how am i going to have a good mood for the rest of the day?

Now i have like completely no mood to work on other things... That probably explains why i'm "happily" blogging at work.

Peace, too peaceful right now. Something is going to happen for sure.......

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