Tuesday, September 26, 2006

PPG Collection <3

My PPG collection is all done a month ago, finally now i have a chance to show you guys!

Maybe you can't really see.. but the top shelf is packed with so much so much of PPG's stuff. I have like puzzles, towels, files, notebooks, water bottle, ang baos, fans, baby panties, mug, figurines, mobile accessories, slippers, vcds... and the list goes on. =) Thanks to all who contributed to my collection.

On the lower shelf, i have bigger toys like bolster, lantern, big x'mas sock, cushion.. and so on.

Recently i just found out that i have like no more space for more PPG. Seriously i think i need to kick one of my study/computer table out to contribute more space for my PPG. Hee, i'm still not satisfied with the collection i have. Too less, too less!

Poor tissue box that's waiting for her chance to be exhibited.

I need a new cupboard~!! HEEz.

Last but not least, the super biggy Blossom i owned. AWWWW.

She is up there!

She may look small here but it's just the tip of the ice-berg. You can only see her head here... the rest of her body is hidden ~~

Just by looking at her brightens my day up. =)

My sis said next time i can pass all my PPG toys to Girl girl. NOOOOOO! I hope she don't mess up my collection or i will whack whack her next time. =d

Actually i was thinking, next time when i'm like 30, 40 plus... i wonder where will my collection be? In the rubbish bin or orphanage? Haaaaas, but for the time being i know i won't do anything to it, they are supposed to be my proudest collection man!

Maybe next time i'll have a room with all PPG collection. ALL IN PINK!

For now, if you happen to have any PPG thingy thats cute and rare, CONTACT ME! muahaha.

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