Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Once again, i'm being maligned, and life is not going to be easy anymore.

Previously was due to my former boss, and now it's because of my current boss.

I didn't know i was such a person in their eyes, and i'm still naive enough to think that i've won their heart, and everything is going to be smooth ahead.

I guess it's just bad timing. Maybe it's not so bad if this happen slightly earlier... or maybe later. Well, seriously i have no idea.

What i know is i've never ask for anything, and i wouldn't do that. Even if i were to do that, it wouldn't be this difficult time where everyone is worried of being retrenched or terminated!

Furthermore, my boss is a director... who are they to negotiate with my boss?? They are just managers... oh, com'on.

Both my former and current boss are directors, and sorry to say they call the shots in whole Asia now. Yes, my life is not going to be easy but trust me, if i were to bite them back, their life is not going to be easy as well.

Like what my boss says, they are just simply jealous.

Well well.

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