Sunday, June 03, 2007

Lost then, Found now.

I think i'm rather lucky in the sense that, nearly one month ago i lost 2 very important things and i considered myself as SUPER DUPER UNLUCKY during tt period. I dunno what the hell is wrong with me 'cause things just keep missing and everything around me seems to be in chaos.

Firstly, i lost my company's chq at our event! I was holding on to the chq when some of my colleagues need my help to open the storeroom, then i think i left it on the table and puff! i forgot all about it.

After that, i lost my brand new wallet (barely used for a month) on the bus. Think when i was taking out my ezlink, my wallet dropped on the floor since i was carrying so many things in the bag: my super thick and heavy organiser, my adapter, my mp3, my phone blah blah blah.

I really feel i was kinda idiot to lose such a big wallet. I mean hey, it's not those small kind 'coz it's quite big and i totally have no idea i dropped it until when i was walking back home. La sap.

Things started getting better when my angmoh colleague (very shuai please) called me up and told me he found my chq after the event and he promised to bring it over to my office like on the very next day! I was sooooo touched i tell ya!! HAAAAA and the best thing is except for my shuai colleague and my boss, no one knows i lost it so no one reprimand me! HAAAAA.

Then it was yesterday, when my dad suddenly called me on the phone, with SUPER serious tone that, "two polices came..." and before he could even start with the second sentence, i got freak out 'cause i thought it was link to downloading mp3!! i seriously thought i was finished and i'm gonna declared bankrupt and pay for the fines the rest of my life. Haaaa then my dad continued the sentence saying they found my wallet. ARHHHHH!! i was jumping here and there when i heard it.


Finally!! But the not-so-good part is that the whole wallet ended up in a litter bin at blk 320 i think. SADDED. I'm going to have it cleaned tml so i can start using it next week! Wahahaha, sorry for the new replace wallet i've just bought. I'm going to keep you and i promise you will still be of service to me. :)

So I've found the 2 very important things and also had my lesson learnt. Haaaa now i promise i wont be so muddlehead again. YAY!


Ouh, today is xue's bday!!! Erm, wanna wish you a happy yr ahead and stay young forever!! Save up for Taiwan okie!! Haaaaaa dun splurge on uneccessary things lah! Keke

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