Thursday, June 28, 2007

I’m having… high cholesterol!

Now I know what kind of unhealthy lifestyle I've been living. Ouh, sad to know that I have to cut down a lot of food that contains high cholesterol.

I think this also mean no more kway chap for me… have to stop eating for a little while yeah. No more seafood… no more oily food… no more egg yolks…

I need to eat MORE VEGGIES now!

Even my fav egg… I can only take 3 eggs per week. 3?!!??!?!! That's going to be super miserable for me man. BUT I must endure~~!!! (Imagine Ya Kun’s golden eggs…… *drools)

Very poor thing hor me!

Although I have a change in diet, that does not mean I’m slimming down because I don’t feel any fats shedding off! That’s quite upsetting huh.

OK, it has only been 3 days. HEHE.

If you are thinking to jio me for some good food, please please please! Better don’t. I don’t think I can take the temptation… HAAAA.

Okay lah, I hope I can maintain a healthier lifestyle… anyone joining me? :)

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